You’re about to start your presentation … or push record on your camera phone, but it hits you — the butterflies, deer in headlights, pounding heartbeat…sound familiar?

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I’m a speaking coach, Emmy-award-winning reporter, and marketing expert.

I’ve created frameworks and strategies to help ambitious professionals, like you, speak their messages clearly and confidently, in person or on camera.

These approaches will empower you to build influence, trust, and connections with more clients and customers.​

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“I highly recommend Jessica Chang Consulting!
Jessica was a huge help in preparing me for an important presentation that I had to deliver.
Her approach and personable coaching was non-intimidating which made the experience very comfortable.
The one-on-one sessions were a tremendous help because Jessica gave me valuable feedback and suggestions
that were precise and effective. Her services provided me with the insight needed to make a stronger connection
with my audience. My presentation skills and confidence level have reached a higher level.
I can now say that I enjoy public speaking!”
Lucy Virgen
Bank of the West VP/Area Manager

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"As a speech-language pathologist, I know a thing or two about speaking.
Yet, when presented with a professional public speaking opportunity, I felt I needed my own “speech teacher”.
I knew the basics but wanted a professional of Jessica Chang Irish’s caliber to coach me through this milestone.
From our first meeting, when Jessica welcomed me into her home with her dog, Cooper, in arms,
to the late-night texts of acknowledgement after a job well done, Jessica was all that I hoped for and more.

Her style is as professional and polished as it is warm.
She reviewed my speech, offered editing suggestions, and provided feedback regarding my delivery.
Mostly, she was a cheerleader who was never more than a phone call, email, or text away.
She demonstrated a keen ability to tap into my strengths to help me shine authentically.
I highly recommend her services regardless of your current public speaking abilities.
Her dual command of public speaking and coaching enable her to meet you where you are to
enhance your performance by maximizing your strengths and developing your weaknesses."
Theresa Fagundes
Owner of Fagundes Speech, Language and Communication Center


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